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Feather Moon Crystals

Readings with Allie

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Different Reading Types

Do you need some extra guidance in your life?

When doing your reading I will pull 4-6 cards, unless I have jumpers or need more clarity. This will include 1-2 oracle cards for the general energy of the reading and 3 tarot cards. I am using my own intuition and energy reading skills while pulling your cards. I cannot tell you the future because of freewill but I can help give you guidance on the current path you are on. If none the categories listed apply to your question or situation, use the custom listing (see details below) 

I will do my best to have your readings sent to you within 48 hours Monday-Friday.

**For custom readings please email me what question you have or area in your life you need guidance on. I like to use birth charts in readings if provided, helps with any past life recall or questions. This is not necessary to do for the reading but helps me channel your energy while pulling cards.



-We do not offer refunds on readings, but if there is a issue please reach out to us. You will not receive any physical items with this purchase. You will get photos of your reading and a breakdown of what the cards say.

-We are not responsible for any actions you may or may not take based off your personal reading.

-Readings are not legal advice or legal guidance this is for “entertainment purposes”.